Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blogger Blocked?

Hello friends,

I am sorry for a slight delay in posting my stuff online here. Somehow I cannot seem to access blogger from its main page. The site just doesn't let me access it. I am wondering if there is a blanket ban on blogger across the country. I am not sure. I was pondering over how to access it, and then I remember, aaah, the wonderful Gmail!!!

Gmail is linked up with Blogger, and so I am accessing Blogger through Gmail. I also removed all my photos from Flickr and shifted them over to Picassa because Flickr is not free anymore!



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Imran Khan Released!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Imran Khan is finally released from prison! His strong conviction has worked! He has made a very strong impact to everyone, through his principles. Dad is going with a couple of people to prison and take him somewhere secret. I only hope he can start up the student movement he's started. If anyone, it's the 55million youth who can bring about a change in this country. I am sure they are tired of waiting for the system to change (which it never will) and are now being more vocal about their desire to see a change in leadership and Pakistan.


Friday, November 16, 2007

I Am Ashamed to be a Pakistani!

Today was yet another sad day for me. The political situation in Pakistan hit me hard today. I am mad, angry, upset, furious and sad! All because my very own sister was hurt and beaten by the Pakistani policemen!

There was supposed to be a peaceful rally at Garden Town, near Punjab University, to protest Imran Khan's arrest. Men and women of all ages were there, including Imran Khan's sisters (who were later arrested as well). My mom, aunt, uncle, cousin and I were to go to the rally as well. We were all wearing black to show solidarity for Imran Khan. We were also to protest against the imposition of emergency. Just as we were getting ready to leave home, dad calls me up on the phone and asks us all to stay home because the police have started beating the people who had gathered there, even before the protest had started.

We panicked at home. My sister Areej was there, along with her work colleagues, Zainab and Hassan. My aunt and her daughter were there too! Mom and I panicked. We worried if she was safe. Trying to call frantically, phones were not accessible. I messaged Areej, and she called back mom. She was in hysterics as Hassan, her colleague, was beaten up badly and arrested!! She was in tears!! Pakistani police are notorious for manhandling people and torturing them. Hassan was being beaten up by the police: shoved around, using baton sticks to hit him all over, to the point where he fell down on the ground. Our driver quickly came and laid himself onto Hassan, but the police started beating Nasir too! So badly was he beaten, he was eventually lifted up and taken to the van.

In the meantime, Areej and my cousin fell down on the ground trying to revive Hassan. Screaming out for help, no one bothered to help her. People were standing there just watching. Screaming ever so loudly for help, no one helped her. A policeman came and started lifting Hassan up. Areej tried preventing them from taking Hassan away. The policeman started swearing at her, and hit her on her arm badly to the point where it was bruised. She tried fighting back, but being a woman and smaller than the stout policeman, she couldn't put up a fight. He started swearing to Areej (the kind of foul language one hears in Urdu--too foul for me to even mention here!) Areej fought back and started swearing at the policeman for roughening up her and other woman. How shameless for a Pakistani policeman to roughen up a woman! She was helpless as the police dragged Hassan away!

Thankfully, dad was able to meet up with Areej at the place, and dad arranged for all the girls to get into a car and leave the area as the situation had gotten out of control! She came back home, crying so much, and so panicked for Hassan. I personally know Hassan too, and I was just so furious as to what the police did to Hassan, to Areej and my cousin! I was just ashamed to be in a country where the policemen were ready to mistreat anyone on the government's orders!

We made call to Hassan's parents and fiance, and they naturally panicked a lot. The four hours we spent in agony trying to find out where Hassan and our driver Nasir went to were the longest four hours. This prison? That prison? We soon found out they were being transported to another jail. Dad's phones were switched off for an hour in between causing me and mom to panic, wondering if dad was arrested too. Dad called us eventually. He was safe.

Thankfully, Hassan and Nasir were released in the evening, after much interrogation. Our driver proved his loyalty to my dad as he refused to say anything that would help the police arrest my dad. They interrogated Hassan a lot too.

Because I know Hassan well, and because my own sister was caught up in such a messy and dirty situation, I was just mad and upset at the whole thing. President Musharraf has clearly gone mad, trying to do anything in his control to silence the opposition. But I think he has made a major misjudgment with the imposition of emergency. Students at LUMS are holding candle vigils and hunger strikes daily; students at Beaconhouse University are daily protesting on campus; people are now wearing black armbands and labels on their clothes to express their desire for Musharraf to leave. I have never seen such an unpopular leader in my lifetime ever!!!

Coming home at night, I caught on the news channel the incident of today. "25 PTI members were arrested" and the camera panned on to Areej, down on her knees, trying to revive Hassan and screaming out for help. My heart just sank. What a shameful day for the nation!

My friends, we are living in a time today when people from good well-off to families are being beaten up, mistreated, manhandled and tortured this way. All in Pakistan: the land of the pure! If the people can manhandle, torture and beat up a national hero like Imran Khan, imagine what they could do with a common man! Imran's wife, Jemima, and Jemima's mother are making calls to Bush, Sarkozy, high up people in other government to put pressure on Musharraf to resign! Musharraf has already sent his family abroad, because he knows his and his family's life are in danger!

We are thankful they didn't arrest Areej because had they done that, they would have interrogated her so much to the point where they would come after my dad. Now both Areej and I have to keep a low profile. If I get arrested then they could torture me because I am the son of a leader of the political party of which my dad belongs to. Our phones may now be tapped. Musharraf is leaving no one. He wants everyone who raises a voice against his military dictatorship in prison.

Not much time is left for Musharraf now. There is a serious movement of the mass public now from all parties. If people like us don't stand up for what's right, then who will? If the silent majority stays silent any longer, Pakistan will be finished. More and more rich people, well off students are joining the mass movement against the government. Media is very clever as it doesn't portray all this. Media has been curbed, and Musharraf has allowed only those channels back on air who have signed an agreement to not ridicule or portray Musharraf in a negative light. So much for "freedom of press" and "freedom of speech!"

It's a messed up a situation, all the while Musharraf continues to delude himself ever so blindly he is the savior of democracy!!!

I am again ashamed to be a Pakistani today!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Imran Khan Arrest: A Shameful Day!

Hello friends,

So much as been going on in my mind. Yesterday was a very sad and shameful day for the nation. To see Imran Khan being betrayed, manhandled, mistreated and tortured by a bunch of deluded Islamists was a shameful act, of which I am ashamed to be a Pakistani. Yes, I may have my pride of my heritage, but when certain section of society like these very students of Jamat Islami (JI) manhandle a national hero, it makes me sick. It shows to me that these people have no respect.

Since my dad is also involved in Imran Khan's party, he was there to witness the whole scene, and it turns out that several important news are not being covered by the media.

Imran Khan WAS invited by the students on campus, otherwise Imran Khan would not have gone there in the first place. Imran Khan was also invited at LUMS earlier. So for the students of JI to claim that Imran Khan came uninvited is false. Some of the JI students actually told the organizers of the rally that they are there to support to Imran Khan and will participate in the anti-Musharraf rally. How sad to see these very students LIE (so much for being a bearded Muslim) and BETRAY, and turn back on their words!!!

Inside sources say, according to my dad, that these students were paid between 2-400k for coordinating wih the police to arrest Imran Khan. The students of JI claim they locked him up for his own good, but pictures and their actions prove they are lying. These students have been bought for a price by the government. I don't blame these students, but the elders and the government who have corrupted and misguided these students.

A research on JI on the web will reveal how nasty this organization is. They have gone to the lengths of even murdering students who didn't adhere to their strict code of teachings. The one most annoying thing was when JI said that they do not want any political activity on their campus, yet they themselves are a political party on campus.

I am ashamed to be associated with a country that is being run by a mad dictator, and filled with hypocritical Muslims. I am ashamed to be in a country where national heroes are disgraced and disrespected. I mean Imran Khan, the one person who has led Pakistan to victory in cricket World Cup in 1992, the one person who has single-handedly built a massive hospital for the poor with the help of the so many donors, Imran Khan who has a sincere desire to bring justice to people in this nation, is being roughened-up and mistreated!

Pakistan is fast losing its respect here and abroad. Pakistan has been declared as the "most dangerous country in the world" in a recent Newsweek article. Pakistan was portrayed very negatively in last month's edition of National Geographic. Things are going from bad to worse all because President Musharraf has deluded himself into thinking he is saving the nation from the hands of extreme militants! I won't even get into the how much hand the United States have in supporting Musharraf. The United States needs to realize that now even the middle class are beginning to develop an anti-American attitude towards the Bush government because of their blind support for Musharraf. Commonwealth has set an ultimatum to Pakistan to lift the emergency of be suspended. Musharraf dismissed the ultimatum-- more shame to the country! Japan, US, UK, Norway and several other countries are reviewing their aid pledge and will cut back on sending aid- more troubles for the poor of this nation!

I was never much into Pakistani politics but now I am being forced to because if people like myself don't stand up, then who will. For far too long, the silent majority has been too silent. My sister now wears a black arm band, like 1000s others in the city to show their solidarity with others for removal of emergency. I am going to a massive demonstration rally today afternoon to protest against the government.

I am also seriously thinking of starting a "Free Imran Khan" or "Save Imran Khan" campaign. He has been charged with anti-terrorism laws (makes me wonder why Benazir Bhutto and several other people, including a leader from the JI party) are not being charged. Why single out Imran Khan? Because Imran Khan is fearless, ready to give his life for the nation so the people can get justice! I am thinking of starting a movement online, maybe print out leaflets, badges, t-shirts, banners and start distributing them across the city! Something needs to be done to restore democracy.

And yes, the situation is really bad on the ground level. The common man is not happy (they were never happy); but in recent times things have gone from bad to very bad!

However, because I believe in God, I have hope and faith in Him, and I trust He will bring something good out of this whole situation. God already sent a message to Pakistan through the earthquake in the Northern Areas in October 2005, and Pakistanis still didn't learn their lesson: change your ways for the good- but people still thrive on corruption, lying, stealing, cheating etc etc. Its comforting to know that God is in "control" of situation, and things have not gone out of control. God is just and merciful, and He will see to it that the prayers of those who are praying for a stable, safe and democratic Pakistan be answered!

ps. Metro Blogging Lahore is a good place to check out for recent updates on Imran Khan's arrest and also what's happening in the nation.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Imran Khan's Letter to the Students!

MAVERICK Roller Coaster 2007 - Cedar Point


Who wants to come with me on a roller coaster with a 95 degrees fall!!!??? I made plans to go to Maverick, in Cedar Point, Ohio sometimes in the future! Here is a video of how cool this roller coaster is!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let Geo TV Live!

Lahore Traffic Offenders and Dine Out Lahore: 2 New Blogs by Mansur

Hello People,

I have started a new blog on naming and shaming the people who drive like maniacs in my hometown of Lahore. It's called Lahore Traffic Offenders, and I hope people will sit up and take notice of this fast growing nuisance in Lahore: completely mad, erratic and easily-irritable drivers!!! LOL!!!

Lahore is also the food capital of Pakistan, and dining out in Lahore is one of the favorite things to do. I tried looking for proper reviews of places to eat in Lahore, and can't seem to find proper, decent, honest reviews of restaurants. So I decided to start my own! My other blog is called Dine Out Lahore, and I hope to start racking my reviews for all the places I have been to so far in Lahore (and it's a lot already!)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Mansur Engaged???

Hey people,

OK, so get this. I don't even live in Jeddah anymore, but rumor has spread there that I am engaged!!! I don't know how these things happen! Several of my mom's friends have called my mom up personally to confirm the news, and mom had to state the truth: Mansur is not engaged! I am so pissed now...I mean, imagine, if people can talk about something so obviously false, they can talk about something even more dangerous shattering my reputation. I tell you, people have nothing better to do than concoct some false story!

PS I am not engaged. You heard it straight from my mouth! LOL!